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Interested in Accessing our Talent?

Becoming a partner with Universal Mosaic will give you access to a diverse pool of candidates. We match talents with companies based on talent need, expertise, and fit. We identify those who are a good fit and will be a dedicated member of your team. 

Whether you’re looking to hire more talent for your company, bringing diverse perspectives to your team, upskill existing staff, we’re here to make it a reality.

Universal Mosaic redefines how companies are able to find, and build future technology, and business talents. On average companies hire just one in 100 candidates. We offer a more effective approach to screen and assess potential hires with our “try before you employ” approach. Through our program, you work hands-on with potential hires, which is a significant opportunity to help train individuals based on your particular needs.

Our programs will allow you to find untapped talent through our  in order to find individuals who fit the description of the type of employee you are looking for in your business. Our employer partners tell us what they are looking for in an applicant, and we look for candidates that match. In order to reduce the hiring risk, this partnership will allow you to find potential candidates matched to the type of skill set or goals your company is looking for.

Hire Tech Talent

Training New Talent

Employee Upskill

What Happens During this Talent Search?

  • Provide your company information the potential partner form provided through our website
  • Clearly define your company’s hiring needs of a potential candidate, and how we can assist you
  • Students complete both technical and professional skills training
  • “Try before you employ”, get experience working with potential hires for a trial period internship to see if a candidate is a valuable asset to your company
  • Asses if the student will be a good fit for a full-time job opportunity

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