About Us

Our Story

Wave Welcome originated from the very simple premise that every organization, regardless of size or complexity, seeks to align their technology roadmap with its strategic goals and objectives. As industries evolve and requirements shift, so does business, making it more critical to partner with an experienced technology whisperer who possesses a clear vision of the future.

Wave Welcome, which was founded by a former C-level technology executive for four separate billion dollar organizations, will work with you to leverage our repeatable methodologies, honed from experience in facilitating successful technology initiatives across multiple industries. Our proven approach will deliver your intended business transformation outcomes and guide your team’s journey into the Digital Age. Our processes, based on industry best practices, will increase the likelihood of success, demystify technology, and reduce the costs of your most critical projects.

Wave Welcome stands ready to remove the disruption from your technology journey.

Our History

Wave Welcome was founded in 2020 by Vennard Wright who formerly served as Chief Technology officer and/or Chief information officer for four different billion dollar organizations.

The idea for Wave Welcome originated from the very simple premise that every organization or individual, regardless of size or access to resources, deserves access to the transformative benefits of technology.

As the world evolves, so much our approach to deploying technology, which makes it more critical to partner with a firm that possesses a clear vision of the future.

Our proven approach delivers transformative outcomes and will guide your journey into the Digital Age with with an approach that is based upon proven industry best practices. Wave Welcome stands ready to partner with you.


Our mission is to change normalize, and diversify IT Modernization and Digital Transformation across the US through the effective application of technology, data analytics, and workflow automation.


Our vision is to be globally recognized as an Industry leader who removes technology disruption and democratizes access to leading edge technologies.

Core Values

  • We deliver the highest level of technological support possible.
  • We understand, communicate with, and satisfy our customers.
  • We promote team member growth and accountability.
  • We develop strong relationships with our partners and suppliers.
  • We cultivate prosperity within our local community.
  • We care about diversity.

Corporate Capabilities Statement

To gain great insights into our relevant past experience quotations, functional areas, NAICS codes, current and former clients, differentiators, and other relevant information, please download our Corporate Capabilities Statement below.


Whitepaper: Cyber in Nonprofits

With the advent and widespread adoption of AI, nonprofit organizations and associations no longer have the luxury of adopting a "wait and see" attitude toward their cybersecurity posture. please download our latest whitepaper below for some critical considerations to take into account.