wave welcome


Universal Mosaic is a Wave Welcome initiative that aims to solve the tech talent gap in America. We are committed to connecting talented individuals from universities, post-secondary students, and those that would like to upskill their talents in order to launch their careers,  while helping you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a career in the tech and business industries. 

It is our mission to close the opportunity gap by offering free education and training potential tech talents and be able to provide opportunities and resources for young adults to reach their full potential. While we do provide technical skills training, we put heavy emphasis on the professional skills to create accountable, and confident individuals who will thrive in the workplace. Students within the Universal Mosaic programs will learn soft skills highly sought by employers like effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and time management.

Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to showcase their talents. Universal Mosaics has a commitment of diversity and inclusion to race, gender, and socio-economic status in higher education, and employees. You can’t assemble a developing organization without a diverse collection of individuals who can adjust to the changes in the working environment. People can change when they need to and having diverse workgroups helps impact and quicken positive change.

Creating an environment of inclusion is a must in the workplace that results in a healthier company and community. Diversity means collaborating and bringing different experiences, thoughts, and ideas to the table, each one substantial for being effective in the workplace. Diversity is the secret ingredient that empowers co-creation to exist. It is embracing differences that fuel disruptive thinking, an alternate perspective on customer experience, a business process, and a new business venture.