Wave Welcome helps small to mid-size organizations bring greater clarity to inefficient business processes by offering virtual CIO services, documenting current state and helping to envision a future state that is more free of manual, redundant and paper-based processes. By relying on over two decades of public sector, commercial and utilities experience, we deploy a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach that makes it easy for your team to handle the changes to their working practices. The result is an improvement in process adoption and your bottom line.

Industry Consulting

Our goal is to provide streamlined services that reduce the overall amount of time necessary for completing key business functions which we accomplish by assisting in the development of technology roadmaps and strategic plans that clearly communicate measurable objectives and outcomes.

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Managed Data Services

Wave Welcomes will partner with you to create solutions that allow you to make more informed decisions about which actions will have the most positive impact for your business, employees, and customers. This is made possible by understanding your enterprise level systems such as ERP & CRM platforms to determine which systems of record are the best candidates for data warehousing, reporting and business intelligence. With the use of your Wave Welcome professionals, we will be able to identify and solve any potential reporting and analytic challenges for your business and implement solutions to broaden and support business intelligence objectives.

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Digital Solutions

In order to identify which solutions will work bring the greatest value, Wave Welcome partners with you to document your as-is processes and engages in business process re-engineering sessions to envision your future state, to automate your key processes and reduce the amount of time necessary to perform critical functions. This transformation will increase the scale and speed of your business as well as identify additional opportunities for growth and innovation within your business.

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Career Pipeline Diversity

Through the Universal Mosaic initiative, Wave Welcome aims to spotlight diverse candidates who have demonstrated an aptitude for technology, and provide those individuals with the proper tools to prepare them for obtaining and sustaining successful technological careers. Through training that is focused on the augmentation of soft skills and cutting edge technologies, individuals will boost their specialized skills and be positioned as candidates for companies that are looking to improve their diversity numbers or hire strong entry level resources. Wave Welcome partners with colleges and universities to provide training for college students who have little or no experience, as well as those who are more seasoned in the market and seeking to re-skill in digital and IT careers that include, but are not limited to data analytics, RPA, database administration and project management. Our goal is to provide streamlined solutions that reduce the amount of time necessary for identifying, preparing and hiring diverse, qualified technology candidates.

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